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Why we started this podcast

In many companies, the impact of communication is rarely investigated. Too complex, too expensive, too vague ― there are a lot of concerns that communications managers voice against measuring communication. And so evaluation still seems to be the stepchild in corporate communications. However, we are convinced that it is not only possible to assess the success of internal and external communications, it is also extremely useful and worthwhile. This is because a systematic evaluation of communications benefits your company or organisation ― and ultimately you as the responsible manager.

In “Measurement Mashup” we talk to experts about different methods of evaluating corporate communications, we want to shed light on best practices from international companies, and we will share useful hints and tricks. We publish a new podcast series every month. Our aim is to convince you over to the exciting topic of communications measurement and perhaps even to inspire you. If we manage to do this ― to provide you with new insights and to entertain a little ― then “Measurement Mashup” has fulfilled its purpose. Please share your thoughts in the comments, we look forward to your feedback!

Meet the hosts

Measurement Mashup is a joint project of Mark-Steffen Buchele and Steffen Rufenach.

Dr. Mark-Steffen Buchele

Dr. Mark-Steffen Buchele

Dr. Mark-Steffen Buchele, CEO of buchele cc GmbH in Leipzig, has been developing comprehensive evaluation and measurement concepts as well as KPI systems for the internal and external communication of well-known companies for more than 10 years. As co-founder of mephisto, a Leipzig based radio station, he has a long cultivated penchant for well-made radio formats. He developed and recorded the jingle for “Measurement Mashup” with his band.

Steffen Rufenach

Steffen Rufenach

Steffen Rufenach works as the CEO of the consulting boutique R.A.T.E. GmbH in Frankfurt. Together with his team, Steffen supports international corporations to make better business decisions based on quantifiable data. The focus of his work is on corporate communications (internal and external) and corporate responsibility. An additional area of expertise is the management of company rankings and ratings, for example, in the field of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). Steffen has extensive experience as a print and TV journalist through activities e.g., at Bloomberg TV and Gatrixx TV. He also tried his hand at movie dubbing many years ago – good prerequisites to try a new challenge as a podcaster.

Do you have an exciting question, a good case study or a suggestion for an interesting guest? We look forward to your ideas!


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