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The podcast on evaluation and impact assessment of communication and PR. Talks and discussions with experts about methods, instruments and best practices. Measuring the impact of communication does not have to be complicated! We discuss the topic in a clear, understandable and pragmatic way. Podcasts in German or English, abstracts available in both languages.
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Meet the Hosts

Dr. Mark-Steffen Buchele

Dr. Mark-Steffen Buchele

Dr. Mark-Steffen Buchele, CEO of buchele cc GmbH in Leipzig, has been developing comprehensive evaluation and measurement concepts as well as KPI systems for the internal and external communication of well-known companies for more than 10 years.

Steffen Rufenach

Steffen Rufenach

Steffen Rufenach works as the CEO of the consulting boutique R.A.T.E. GmbH in Frankfurt. Together with his team, Steffen supports international corporations to make better business decisions based on quantifiable data. The focus of his work is on corporate communications (internal and external) and corporate responsibility. An additional area of expertise is the management of company rankings and ratings, for example, in the field of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).